Tools to help you manage your business more efficiently.

Through our enhanced ordering options and user platform, you will be on the cutting edge of technology, wherever that road may lead.  Our new platform was designed and created to ensure upgrade ability as technology changes and the needs of your business evolve.  Count on us to have the right solutions for you now, and in the years to come.


With DroidPad, all you need to do is download the application on your Android device and after a quick set up, you will have access to powerful order replenishment and business management features.

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Gain Access and Efficiency
In addition to the functionality of iMark, Droidpad offers additional features to enhance your ordering experience.

Key Features:

  • Connect through Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • View promotional materials electronically and easily; add featured items into your order.
  • Pair with a KDC300 Scanner via Bluetooth for ordering efficiency.


Core-Mark’s ordering application for iOS makes ordering easy and fun. Generate orders with greater accuracy and have access to important promotional information and tools to manage your business more efficiently.

iMark Hand-Held Ordering Smart Device

Do you find yourself looking for the “next big thing”? A tool to help manage your business more effectively? If so, meet iMark; Core-Mark’s smart hand-held ordering solution. iMark is designed with the retailer in mind.

See what the iMark can do for you! Contact your local Core-Mark representative today.


Desktop Ordering

Key Features:

  • Find what you are looking for quickly and easily with enhanced search options.
  • Create your order on your desktop or in conjunction with your optional in-store scanner.
  • 8 week history including last order quantity and average order quantity.
  • Establish critical items so you will never miss ordering.
  • Create new orders from average quantities or previous orders.
  • Notification and access to all available promotions.
  • Review your order and totals, by category, prior to transmitting.
  • View orders, price changes, invoices, credits and pre-orders all on your desktop.
  • Fast Order Entry–quickly 10-key items into your order.

KDC300 In-Store Scanner

Key Features:

  • Scanning made easy. Scan the UPC or Core-Mark product code from the item, shelf tag or order guide.
  • OLED display with full visibility and 3-key keypad to increase or decrease quantities and menu control.
  • View Item Number, Item Description & Item Quantity while you scan!
  • Complete integration with Desktop Ordering portal, OrderPro or DroidPad via Bluetooth connectivity.

Easily integrates into your online portal

CONTACT your Core-Mark Representative to see how these amazing products can grow your sales and meet the demands of your customers.