Focused Marketing Initiative

Focused Marketing Initiative

As larger chains continue to leverage data to analyze and improve their offerings, the independent operator has to work that much harder to keep their customers.  Customer service and a clean store are and always will be important, but identifying and addressing inventory inefficiencies and solving the out-of-stock issue can quickly deliver sales and profits to the smart retailer.

The Focused Marketing Initiative (FMI) from Core-Mark is designed specifically for independents who want to use in-depth analysis and category management to address their entire store…

Non-Cigarette Sales: Are you carrying the right items?

Supply Chain: How can you reduce your operating costs while creating efficiencies?

Economic Pressure: How are you differentiating your store from the competition?

FMI is a comprehensive, 360-degree analysis of your store with a focus on data and eye for efficiencies…

  • Nielsen Demographic Data
  • Data Leveraging and Analysis
  • Retail Survey Analysis
  • Space Rationalization Assessment
  • Product Mix Optimization
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