Core-Mark offers the most comprehensive product and delivery model to enable independent retailers to offer fresh products to their customers

The foundation of the platform is our state-of-the-art supply chain that features refrigerated docks and a fleet of tri-temperature trailers built specifically for delivery to convenience stores. Our tri-temp platform enables Core-Mark to deliver chilled, frozen and ambient products — all at once.

Every pastry and donut from Arcadia Bay Gourmet Bakery is made with your discerning taste and quality in mind. Our expert artisan bakers use only the finest ingredients and utilize traditional methods to bring you the very best. Our products are full of flavor and wonderful texture. Sample the many selections that we have to offer. CONTACT your local Core-Mark Representative or SIGN UP to be a Core-Mark Customer today!

Farm to Market utilizes national vendors with local facilities to provide a top-quality, fresh, whole-fruit program. The handsome display unit allows for flexibility to incorporate seasonal and regional items – perfect for attracting health-conscious customers and growing sales.

Core-Mark is committed to delivering state-of-the-art merchandising solutions for our entire offering of Fresh products. With Fresh Food Fast, customers can choose from an array of top quality, highly-visible open air coolers that instantly put them in the Fresh business, providing an array of business benefits.  Gain incremental sales and profit from the fresh food trend.

Delicious ready to Heat & Eat meals that are healthy, fresh, natural, nutritious, without the use of preservatives or added colors. And they stay fresh longer.


Premium Counter Top Cooler Program

To grow your beverage sales and profits these days, you’ll need more variety than just your typical cold drinks. Your shoppers are looking for the latest in cold cold brew coffees, teas and juices. You’ll need to have the right products that they demand. Core-Mark’s Premium Counter Top Cooler Program is here to help.

  • 24 Premium items
  • Required Planogram included
  • Designed to grow your sales

Good Health To Go Counter Top Cooler Program

Today’s shopper is looking for “Better-for-You” beverage options. You’ll need to have ready to drink cold beverages that not only meets their demands, but also grow sales and profits for your business. Core-Mark’s “Good Health To Go” is here to help.

  • 22 Better-for-You items
  • Required Planogram included •
  • Designed to grow your fresh sales

CONTACT your Core-Mark Representative to see how these amazing products can grow your sales and meet the demands of your customers.