The heart of Focused Marketing is about finding opportunities that will increase your sales and profits.

Core-Mark’s Focused Marketing Initiative™ is designed to improve your business’s sales and profits. Our dedicated team of Territory Sales Managers, Data Analysts, and Category Specialists have years of expertise in the Convenience Store Industry and leverage their talents to directly impact your business.

The Convenience Store Industry faces a myriad of challenges, that result in profit erosion. Core-Mark’s FMI Team develops a comprehensive plan to increase your sales and profits. Each customized plan begins with a thorough survey of your store, comparison of neighborhood trends, demographics and current store data analytics. The result is a store-specific Retail Marketing Plan that will provide you with profit solutions and opportunities.

Demographic Study The demographic analysis provides you information regarding the consumers who should be shopping in your store and their spending behaviors.

Consumer Offerings Customized consumer offerings are income-generating opportunities designed to meet the needs of your target customers.

Space Rationalization Analyzation based on linear profit per foot methodology, this approach will help optimize your income opportunities, including providing a customized store layout.

Product Mix Optimization We perform a comprehensive analysis of your current inventory purchases versus other retailers and the industry’s top selling items.

Vendor Consolidation Vendor Consolidation is designed to identify and eliminate supply chain redundancy, reducing the overall cost of doing business.

Competitive Comparison Retail-pricing strategies are often overlooked. This survey identifies opportunities to increase profit and maintain your competitive edge.

Roadmap to Fresh Whether you are looking to enter into Fresh or take your existing programs to the next level, we help develop a series of next-steps designed for sustainable growth.

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