Core-Mark delivers a complete offering of marketing programs designed to provide key solutions in the core categories

Candy, Snacks Gum and Ice Cream. These programs combine Core-Mark’s category expertise with effective merchandising, providing customers with solutions that increase sales and profits.

Core-Mark’s Candy Endcap program targets the right candy products at the right location in the store. This turnkey program provides:

  • Top-selling categories and product mix
  • Quality, high-impact rack at no charge
  • Annual retailer rebates

Good Health To Go Rack-Place a GHTG Rack to create attention and awareness that your store is carrying a great variety of truly better for you items. When you see “Healthier Choice” that means the item indicated is part of Core-Mark’s commitment to healthworking with the Partnership for a Healthier America. Smart Stock sets can help GROW category sales and incorporate a better-for-you variety without losing your core best sellers. To order your FREE GHTG POS Kit visit:

Under-Counter Rack The Multi-Vendor Under-Counter Display Rack has proven to be an extremely effective tool in helping independent customers maximize their candy and snack sales growth. Under Counter Rack places top-selling items strategically in front of the consumer before checkout happens. CONTACT your local Core-Mark Representative or SIGN UP to be a customer and start improving your profits today!

Core-Mark now offers a customized multi-unit POS program Take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your consumer by capturing additional revenue and making a case for their business in future trips to your store. Now you can give your customers the options they are searching for.

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Core-Mark’s Core Essentials program includes multiple private and control label brands that allow stores to stock their shelves with high-quality and full-size products but at a lower cost. Discover how integrating Core Essentials in your store can benefit you today by CONTACTING your Core-Mark representative.

CONTACT your Core-Mark Representative to see how these amazing products can grow your sales and meet the demands of your customers.